Laboratory / Pathology

All the best technology and talent to help analyses and understand you better

What We Provide

Our best-in-class pathology services are:

  • Diversified range of lab tests and medical imaging procedures
  • State-of-the-art modern laboratory
  • Safe laboratory environment in compliance with good practice and applicable regulation
  • Patient-centered-solutions and focused approach
  • Prompt access to tests and diagnostic imaging
  • Quick results; well interpreted by expert.

Laboratory / Pathology

The department of Pathology at LIH is one of the top innovative and future-oriented laboratories in the region.

The department is fully equipped with the state-of-the art-automated technologies. It performs the most advanced, complicated tests and screenings, with the mandate to provide quality, cost effective investigations under the management and supervision of highly qualified staff.

The LIH team takes ownership of your care, monitoring your complete patient journey from initial diagnostics and advice to successful treatment whilst providing a personal service and continuity of care at the highest standards you expect and deserve Our expert clinical pathologist help us offer a diversified range of pathology services including:


All investigation related to bone marrow aspiration and examination, investigation of all types of anemia, investigation of all types of coagulation defects


All types of blood chemistry, hormones, semen analysis etc


AHuman leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing and culture


All investigation related to blood banking and cross matching

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